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Our extended hours program is offered for parents' working non-traditional hours. Please contact us for information.

Having Fun and Learning With Our Child Development Program

At C.A.R.E. For Me Children's Learning Center in Pennsauken, New Jersey, our main focus is your child and preparing them for a lifetime love of learning. Through our child development program, we focus on every different stage of life and prepare a curriculum geared toward their specific age, from infancy to preschool.
New Jersey First Steps
Congratulations to our infant and toddler teachers for being recognized by New Jersey First Steps for providing quality care for infants, toddlers and families in the Southern New Jersey region.


Infancy is an important learning stage in your baby's life as they begin to learn about the world around them and build trust. When your baby feels safe and secure, their brain develops rapidly and they successfully reach their milestones. We understand the importance of cuddling infants to make them feel secure, talking to them, and responding to their basic needs.

Our nursey is cozy and designed to feel like home. Once they become mobile–around 12 months–they are moved up to our infant room where they can start doing activities. This is a fun time for teachers as we watch our older infants enjoy more independence.


As children enter the toddler stage, they become more independent and can do things on their own. Our teachers begin to give them more independence to choose the activities they would like to do, while also strengthening their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills. We are proud to say our infant and toddler teachers were recognized by the New Jersey First Steps program for providing exceptional care in the Southern New Jersey region.

Learning Center Activities and Happy People


Pre-K opens up a whole new world for our children. The Creative Curriculum is the foundation of our program. Children help to expand our curriculum through their interest, and we also incorporate small group projects. Our young explorers learn through hands-on activities. When they are making Play-Doh®, they are being exposed to math and science. When they navigate the computers, they are learning about technology.

Our dramatic play area helps them to grow socially and emotionally. Science is one of our pre-k favorites. We also incorporate fieldtrips, art, and music into our lesson plans to ensure that every learning style is met. When our explorers leave our school for kindergarten, they are prepared for a lifetime of learning. Children enjoy the following activities:

Exploring Nature | Becoming Paleontologists during Dinosaur Time | Digging for Worms | Growing Butterflies during Insect Time | Learning about Volume & Evaporation during Water Play